Saturday, January 31, 2009

Denny's Serious Breakfast Commercial

Thankfully, we don't see very many commercials these days but I do miss the funny spots. I was on the notebook tonight when I heard this commercial and my subconscious was awake enough to cause me to rewind and check it out again. Not only is it funny, but it can be entered into my canon of funny ads--both fake and and real--that deal with food and gluttony. Not that Denny's Grand Slam is truly gluttonous, but if you get it and order a few extra sides then you'll get there.

Anyway, this isn't laugh-out-loud stuff, but it'll evoke a smile due to it's cleverness and because it's well cast and has just enough nuance to do the trick.

No matter how many times I see this spot I love it. Perfect in nearly every way. I love the looks the caveman on the right does...look at the nuanced expression in his face when he first notices the sign with his peripheral vision. Excellent stuff.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We have Disney passes again & "The Christmas Miracle"

One of the things we missed about Disneyland passes last year--besides going with family--was not spending time there with our out-of-state friends who came to visit. So, we have passes again and would love to see you all at The Happiest Place on Earth. The first time we went together this year was with Hayley & Ryan and we had a great time!

Waiting to go in.

Cute cousins

John & Annette bought our passes for Christmas and my brothers and I went in to get my mom a pass. At Christmas dinner, my dad said that he too would like a pass. "What? Really?" I said. He responded that he would love to go now that grand kids are involved (isn't it amazing the power of grand children?:)). So, we started calling it the Christmas miracle that my dad would come with us:) I went with my parents last week and we had a GREAT time. We loved the new Toy Story ride in California Adventure! My dad is making a silly face on Dumbo, his expression doesn't show how much fun he was having:)

Thanks again Nana & Boppie--we are looking forward to lots more fun this year!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Carter's Birthday in Photos

Carter turned 4 on Dec. 14th. Here are some photos from his pre-school birthday party and a little party some of his friends threw for him at the park.

Carter and his teacher, Ms. Stalder. When he's nervous or embarassed, he does this face which we call the buck toothed look.

Make yourself at home Claire

Our neighbors came over and showered Carter with gifts.

At the park

Aniston, Carter's friend, shares the same birthday and we celebrated with her.

We also celebrated at both grandparents houses (yes, he had four birthday parties...we're still trying to figure out how that happened)

At the Carter's house:
Carter chooses to pick his nose as I read one of his birthday cards to him:

Carter had seen a volcano birthday cake at a restraunt and decided Momma should try to recreate
it. It didn't have the same aesthetic quality but he loved it anyway!

Carter hurdles over Big E

Then Carter began floating which really freaked everyone out!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Todd Family Thanksgiving with 50% more Mt. Rubidoux!

Ok, this is a day late and dollar short, but it's here and it's stuffed with triptophan, nostaglia and my bad humor. We had a great Thanksgiving and here's the photographic proof. The morning found us at my parents' home in Jurupa. My mom, April, her husband Wes and my sister Hayley's son Ryan joined us for a hike up Mt. Rubidoux.

On the way we came upon a terrible auto accident on the 60 W right after the 91 interchange. The CHP had just arrived and they hadn't closed down the freeway yet. We had to make a U turn in the middle of the freeway which was pretty disconcerting. Good thing I have teh driving skillz. We flipped around and got off and then got back on at the next ramp. I did stick my camera out the window to get a shot of the melee and came up with the following photo. We realized that someone was stuck in a vehicle and the firefighters were using the jaws of life to pry the individual out. Sarah teared up as we talked about how sad it must be to get in an accident like that on Thanksgiving. We thanked God that we were safe and sound and said a prayer for the people involved.

From Thanksgiving 2008
Mt. Rubidoux
Ryan busts out the lasso upon arrival and ropes in a few errant joggers.

April takes this stuff seriously.

An artistic shot of the lady folk up ahead.

A popular hobbit bodega along the trail.

Pork chop swoopin' by.

Cemetary below.

Wes and I braved this steep shortcut...HR 180 anyone?

The day was stunning...just enough cloud cover to keep one cool and it made for some great photos.

Carter's cave

Explorers Club...

April, Wes and Sari.

Nanna and Claire

The day after Thanksgiving, we met up with the Carters at the Festival of Trees,
to look at the trees, one of which Sarah's
mom Susan helped decorate. There were activities and games
for the kids too.

The rest of the photos are from our "official" Thanksgiving dinner time at the
Carter home. Sarah's brother Jake was down, with his girlfriend, Amy, as was her brother Rob. We
had a great meal with all of them, including Bob and Carole, Sarah's grandparents.

Sarah's grandpa, Bob. He's a great guy and is always ready to tell a joke....or two.

Jake on the blow torch...

Diggin' around.

Dinner time
That's a wrap! Huge post, I know, but it'll be nice to have all of these photos when we eventually turn this blog into a book.