Monday, July 22, 2013

Merry May

Women's Conference

The month started with me at BYU Women's Conference.  I have a tradition to start the conference for a run up past the Provo Temple.  Utah Lake is in the background and it is always spectacular.  This year Kathy, Mom and I drove and we met Heidi, Annette and Jesica in Provo.  It is always rejuvinatining and wonderful.  I am grateful Danny is supportive and takes time off so I can go!

We had to stop to try a cupcake in honor of one of our favorite bloggers, Stephanie Nielson.

Mother-Son Disco Dance

Carter dancing at the Mother-Son dance at school

Carter and our cute friends Adam and Joseph Harper

Carter's Mother's Day Creation
From Claire
William's reasons he loves me:)    

Willie being sweet at the rehearsal for Sun & Josh's wedding

This picture summarizes my difficulty in life.  I am a conformist who is raising a bunch of non-conformists.  William wanting nothing to do with the rehearsal, his shoes or me taking a photo.  This boy does whatever he is determined to do.  I do love him for it though and I'm learning a lot in the process! 

The cute bride, Sun, with her bling t-shirt at the rehearsal

Fathers & Sons

Sending the boys off to the annual Fathers & Sons Campout.  William's First!  Claire and I had a lovely evening shopping, dining and watching a Barbie movie at home.  I took no pictures so memory will have to suffice.
Rapelling in Joshua Tree



Claire and Daniel modeling in front of REI (where Daniel got new hiking boots)
Sleeping on the way to the wedding 

Sun & Josh's Wedding

William was asked to be the ring bearer for one of our favorite nurses from our stay at Kaiser Fontana PICU.  Sun married Josh, a respiratory therapist who would also come in to play with William.  We were honored to be part of their special day.  They both give so much to the people they work and associate with.  To say the wedding was beautiful was an understatement.  It was gorgeous and we had a great time!

Posing in front of the Grand Traditions Estate

How William really felt about all this dressing up :)
Claire was not to be left out of the posing and photos
We weren't sure he would do it but were so proud when he did.  We promised him a raft and he definitely looked like "here's your ring, can I leave yet?" but we were glad.  The cute girl in the navy sweater and red dress we met later.  She is also a PICU graduate (once hospitalized and now well).  It was fun to see old friends from our long stay at Kaiser Fontana and meet new friends!

The Todd Family

Carter was totally grossed out:)
Happy about sparkling cider and a chocolate fountain :)

Adorable place settings...the whole wedding was all about the details

William and the happy couple...congratulations Sun & Josh...thank you for allowing us to be part of your big day!

Earth Day project (okay so maybe it's from April).  Carter saving birds and sea life from six-pack rings. 
I made my own strawberry jam without sugar or pectin.  It is delicious.  The recipe is here

Preschool Fun

Teddy Bear Picnic with our preschool friends

A Day at the Living Desert in Palm Desert

Petting goats

My friend, Kay was cleaning up after the goats.  I guess we don't stop mothering wherever we go :)

Some of our cute group

Memorial Day

Memorial Day Motorcycle parade on Van Buren

It was loud...the Harrymans were sweet enough to let the kids hang in their cool car
William and our friend "Papa Jeff"
One Proud American