Sunday, May 17, 2009

Good news at the Todd Pad

The kids are learning to play together and it is wonderful! Yesterday Danny and I spent a good part of the morning working outside and the kids were happy making messes together inside. I did discover an ENTIRE package of gum ingested primarily by Claire, but other than that, no harm was done. This picture is of the two of them having fun on the slip 'n slide with their favorite babysitters--Aunt April and Uncle Wes.
The other fabulous news at our house is that Danny got a Teacher On Assignment (TOA) position at his district. He will be leaving the classroom and will be coaching/instructing secondary language arts teachers in his district. The new position starts July 1st and we are excited for this new opportunity. It is bittersweet for him though, as he loves his students and coworkers at FMS.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Colton Friends Dinner

When we were newlyweds, we lived in Colton and made the best friends!  We are eternally grateful for the examples of parenting, loving and living we received.  Since then we have all spread out, but, whenever somebody comes back to So. Cal. we try to get together.  The Bethers, who are now in Colorado, came to town for the weekend and we got together at Anchos for a reunion dinner.  There are 22 of us together now (we missed you, Wilcoxs and Wells) and it was loud and crazy, but we had a great time.  Bill is a gifted photographer and captured some great shots of the night.  The pictures got out of order when I uploaded them.  We had such a fun time catching up and enjoyed lots of yummy tortillas.  Thank you, John & Aileen, for coming to visit and for dinner--you are the best!  

These girls are growing up so fast!!  Eliza, Hannah & Aubrey

Claire was a little taken aback by all the people;)

Carter showing off his Bakugans and dough

D. T.

The culprit of the "icky hand" mess

The result of the yummy blue popsicle.

Carter showing off his orange tongue from his popsicle.

David & Gayle Land, Scott & Ranelle Curtis, John & Aileen Bethers, us, Bill & Kathryn Lindsay

Eliza, Alex, Bowen, Aubrey, Hannah, Ile, Sophie, Mercedes, Carter, Claire, William & Adam

Kiddos being cute

The kids started their own game of "duck, duck goose"--it was so cute!