Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sarah and Daniel Take on NYC

This has been a long time coming. Sarah and I visited the Big Apple back in March. I told Sarah I'd go through and choose some (many) of the best photos we captured and post them on the blog for our families and friends. Well, I put in an hour or so in April and just completed the project last night.

We had a fantastic time on our which focused mainly on soaking in the essence of the city, taking in many of the famous sights and eating as much delicious food as we could possibly pack down. It was our first significant vacation without children since we had Carter and we realized we needed it; Sarah turned to me one evening and said, "Now I remember why I fell in love with you." We laughed, but there is some truth to that. We've gotten away for a night, maybe two, but this was a full-blown, official vacation together that didn't include being interrupted incessantly or having ice water spilled just as the food arrives at the restaurant table.

We stayed in Lowe Manhattan and thanks to Sarah, we were able to effectively use the subway system to get around the city. We never once took a cab, something that I realize after just having visited another unfamiliar city in St. Louis, is quite a feat. We used my phone to locate hot spots, restaurants, sights and places to just walk around or shop. Some of our favorite moments included our jog through Central Park, walking the streets of Brooklyn to find a famous chocolate shop, dining together in an authentic NYC deli after watching a Broadway play and simply experiencing that extraordinary city together. I speak for both of us when I say that New York City is everything we expected it would be and we can't wait to return someday.

Now, on to the photos and BEWARE, there are a lot!

The master navigator:

Bless the iPhone:

Ground Zero:

Thanks to my man Dan Q, we knew that from the BK second story we'd get a good view of Ground Zero:

We did do some shopping:

I made her pose for this:

Was happy, just a little cold:

Too bad she married a teacher:

Stunning architecture everywhere:


Let's go...

Grand Central Station

Going to the top of the Empire State Building:

Some kind Italians took this photo. Grazie mille amici italiani!

Art and more art....

Night life:

Dining out...with NO kids!


Step #1: Get Some Bagels


Exploring the park


Woman down!

How cool is this? Very cool.

"Gay monster Danny"

America's Next Top Model riot:

Facebook FTW

Best pizza I've had in America:

I'd never seen Phantom before:

We walked up to the pit:

I'm not supposed to have taken ANY of these shots, but you know me

Asking for charitable donations...good but much more interesting in costume....

Thanks for seeing it with me even though you already had Babe!

Held the cam above my head and just took a shot

Goodness sake

Good thing we burned about 8K cals walking that day!


Yeah, I almost got pawned a couple times on the subway

The Fantastic MET

And we did get pregnant after this trip, so thanks FG!

Some Egyptian foot and finger wear...I asked how much to buy they said if you have to ask...

Actual Egyptian ruins:

So cool, so cool...Sarah didn't love the armory quite as much as my inner 12 year old.

Arguably the most expensive piece of artwork in N. America purchased for a museum...Duccio's Madonna and Child
Most people pass this thing without knowing what's up. Thanks wikipedia, you're the best!

Candle's burned spots along the bottom of the quadro:

You like it, they have it:

Sari's fav

My all time favorite Van Gogh...I didn't even know it was there!


Does your armor have a built in beard? Didn't think so.

Leaving the MET:

Huge dog we saw in Central Park

Sarah talking to her mom or someone:

I'm down for the Middle East cuisine

This place is famous for their falafel etc. at incredible prices

Fueled up and ready to keep on truckin'

Getting ready to walk across the Brooklyn bridge

Traffic below us on thebridge:

A little SoCal in Brooklyn!

I wish I had had a real camera that evening:

We sought shelter one night at the Apple store to re-charge and get warm (and book a dinner date for our last night):

Last day:

Lady Liberty

Up close:

A pheasant in NY? WTH?

The Food Network area of the city (we named it that)

Chelsea Market

Fancy Shamsy foods and decor

Our last supper in NYC would be here (thanks to restaraunt week we got hooked up with a great meal for a lot less than we would have paid

Before dinner we did the Rock

You know how stubborn we are, now it's a fact.

At the top of 30 ROCK

Awesome art deco

The last meal

Our table was at the windows glowing with warmth

Sarah helped this nice Jew find his way on the subway, she was that good by the last day

Dim Sum for the last breakfast before hoppin' the flight

We love NYC!