Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

We started our memorial week when we visited the Riverside National Cemetery last Sunday morning. We enjoyed the beautiful grounds and, more importantly, speaking with our children about sacrifice, honor, freedom and the terrible reality of war. Of course our children are still quite young so the conversation was simple, but they understood the key points.
From May 2011
Carter and I reading the grave stones and discussing names, dates and the World Wars. He asked the logical question a child might ask, "When is World War III?"
William enjoyed walking around although the grass was so thick it swallowed his chubby little feet.

I wouldn't have posted this, but Sarah insisted.

Claire being Claire.

Will is ever pointing the what he wants.

Carter helping us out with William...and ensuring he will soon have a full diaper.

On the way out we were struck by all of the flags; too bad we didn't get a photo of the cemetery today, it looked spectacular as we drove past.

Carter and Claire preparing to pose for the Memorial Day outfit shots at Grandma and Poppa's. As you can see, this shoot was doomed before it ever started.

William bails immediately.

Carter is enjoying the meltdown for some strange reason and Claire appears indifferent.

He's done...

And Claire declares the sun to be simply too much.

And we've lost #2...and I argue it was a success. We captured our children as they often are and we managed to display their outfits.

This morning's preparations and yard work included a visit by my every-helpful father-in-law who put up another mini-fence in order to ensure our pool is securely gated off to prevent children drowning.

Sarah looking content (and cute) at our little family get-together today out back.

My mom also looking pretty and content.

We also took the chance to celebrate our amazing niece Ella's fifth birthday.

Claire handled it all fairly well. Ella shared very well which made things go much more smoothly.

My dad and Ned playing with their cameras. They never figured out how to turn them on.

All in all we had a great day remembering loved ones who've gone before and those who sacrificed all for our freedoms. I wish I would have snapped more photos, but I know many other shots were taken and we look forward to seeing them.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Just another Manic Monday

I finally printed 2008's blog book and it has inspired me to get back to blogging. As I drove around today, I thought I should document what a "day in the life of" is for me right now. I know it will be too soon that the kids will be gone and all I do in a day is go to work, or read, work around the house, go shopping, etc (that sounds really nice;)).

-Awoke to the alarm clock at 6:15
-Read the scriptures
-Ran 4.8 miles
-Made breakfast and lunches, kissed Danny and Carter good-bye (it is always so nice when Danny can take him to school)
-Cleaned the kitchen
-Used Amber's carpet cleaner to clean the floor in Claire's room that she urninated on recently (that's a whole different post), cleaned the rugs and sectional
-Put Will down for a nap, showered and got dressed
-Went to leave and found a dead battery in the van
-Called Shonda who was watching my kids so I could volunteer in Carter's class
-Went to the neighbors for help and called Shonda again so she could come jump the van and pick up my kids (thanks again!)
-Got van started, kids left, volunteered in Carter's class
-Picked up kids, got gas
-Came home, made lunch, got box in mail of slipcovers, threw slipcovers on the recently purchased DI couch and loveseat ($90!)
-Picked up Carter from school
-Came home, April & Wes (who happened to be off work sick today) came over to watch all the kids so I could go to the orthodontist
-Got my braces off!
My orthodontist and I in my "after" picture

-Came home and got to relax and visit with April and Wes while kids played
-Made dinner and cookies for work potluck tomorrow
-Ate dinner
-Had family night--a lesson on the warmth the Spirit brings (evidenced by a warm towel) versus no spirit (sandpaper in the freezer) [an idea I got from this book I just finished reading] and activity of planting our spring garden and trimming some overgrown palms
-Baths for kiddos
-Bedtime routine (milk, brush teeth, scripture story, prayer, more stories in bed)
-Sing the Hallelujah Chorus
-Clean the kitchen again
-Ordered a laptop power cord for a greater ease of future blog posts
-Decompress with my sweet hubby
-Blog post
-soon enough--bed!

It is a manic life with little ones but it is oh, so worth it. There are four people who I get up each morning willing to endure mania for and I am so grateful they are mine!!

Pictures from Easter Sunday

I also have to add how grateful I felt today for my husband's great job with excellent benefits as braces are not cheap but I am so glad I was able to get them!
I heart DT:)