Thursday, September 19, 2013

Team Todd's Top Ten Lists from Summer

We really played hard this summer! 

 Carter's Top Ten

1. The seals (in La Jolla)

2. Watch movie in pool

3. Seeing the Halo poster in Wal-Mart (in St. George on our way to Bear Lake) ???!

4. Minnetonka Cave
5. Catching the snake in Yosemite (he was very, very sad to not be able to keep it, especially since Ranger Claire kept reminding him "Keep the Wildlife Wild" and had a crowd of Asian tourists around him taking photos of the crazy American kid holding a snake :))

6. Seeing a deer (in Yosemite)

7.Buying a snake

8. Meeting new neighbors--my 3rd, 5th and 6th grade teacher happens to live on our cul-de-sac and invited the whole cul-de-sac for an ice cream social.  It was really fun and her grandkids were here.  The kids have a great time playing with them whenever they come visit Grandma.

9. Finding two big praying mantises.

10. Jetskiing in Bear Lake


Claire's Top Nine

1. Swimming in the hotel pool at night (when we were able to join Danny at a work conference in San Diego)

2. Seals in La Jolla
3. Riding horses at Uncle Zan's (Uncle Zan is married to Grammie Tammie and they are actually my cousins:).  We stopped after Bear Lake in Preston, ID for the night.  You can see in the photos that Claire is actually a country girl at heart. )
4. Seeing a baby fawn in Yosemite

5. Doing my dance recital with Ella


 6. Beach House
(Said "Beach House" was actually a trailer in San Onofre but fun to stay two nights with our friends the Barneys, Gibsons and Bates--moms & kids--although 10 kids in a 3 bedroom trailer made for an interesting time putting children to bed)
We visited the San Juan Capistrano Mission and picnicked for lunch

 Sheri, me and Amber--we've all been friends since our big kids were little--I call them my favorite redheads:)
More fun at the mission

7. Climbing the tree (the one in our front yard)
8. Root beer floats in Bear Lake
9. Inner tubing in Bear Lake (which we sadly got no photos of but Claire was hilarious, she held on for dear life and kept putting her thumb up to indicate for the driver to go faster!)
--9 was all she would come up with but I'm sure turning six would have to be number 10 :)

William's List

1. Going to Yosemite
2. Going to Big Bear
3. Going to Bear Lake
As for the my list, as I started going through photos, I realized I would never narrow it down to just ten so I have slew of photos with all the highlights...stayed tuned, folks!