Monday, August 20, 2007

Me vs. Entropy


Most of you remember the anxious email I sent out a while back lamenting the fact that I'd lost my mobile phone and needed everyone to send me their phone numbers again. I was upset that after all of these years using cell phones I had lost the phone inexplicably. Indeed, I was not only upset about it, I was embarrassed because I take pride in the fact that I take care of three things in life: my wallet, my phone, and my keys. In fact, I used to misplace one or more of those things all the time, but in recent years I had made an effort to make a habit of keeping these precious man accessories in specific places at home, work, and in the car in order to avoid the drama of a lost wallet or cellio.

So, after finally accepting the loss of the phone I moved on, purchasing new phones and extending our contract with AT&T. I still couldn't think of a time or place where I had lost the phone. In fact, it seemed to me that I had the phone when we arrived at my folk's house in Chino Hills to pick up Carter after a romantic weekend getaway to the beach.

Saturday night we were over at my parents house visiting and my dad mentions casually, "Oh, we found your phone in the recliner. It's upstairs on my dresser." My eyes went wide, "What? You found it!"

I immediately copied all of the contacts onto the old SIM and then put that in my new phone and transferred those over. Needless to say, my record of losing a cell phone (for good at least) remains unblemished and I have all the numbers back. Perhaps not the most exciting news, but I thought I'd share this minor victory over entropy.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Baby Claire!

Still no Georgia photos, but I will one up myself by posting the following photos of Claire Susanne Todd, my new daughter! Born 8-8-07 (just think, her first B-day will be 8-8-08) and weighing in at 8 lbs. 7 oz., she's healthy and happy. Sarah's labor was much easier this time around, which has made life a lot easier on all of us since we all know she's the center of it all, you know, the one who keeps things afloat for the HMS Todd.