Thursday, January 30, 2014


We started out November with a weekend in Mill Valley (just Carter and I) to visit Rob, Laura, Chloe and meet our newest nephew, Hank.  As much as I dislike them living far away, I am glad we have somewhere fun to visit when we see them!  Claire got to go with my for Chloe's 1st birthday last year which is why I took Carter this year. 

On the ferry ride to San Fran

On a beautiful day with sweet Chloe

Hank is a TANK!

I love books as souvenirs!

On the ferry ride

Sweet little Elyse--I was grateful they came to visit at the same time so I could cuddle with her!

On a hike at Mt. Tamalpais

Carter is a great cousin!

Sunday evening at Grandma and Papa's...watercolor painting with two toe heads who love an excuse to be shirtless
Taking advantage of Veteran's Day off of school with a  visit to the Botanic Gardens

My loves

King & Queen of the world--although they fight and bug each other at times they really are sweet to one another.  Recently Danny asked them what they do after they get out of the van when I drop them off in the mornings.  We found out Carter walks Claire to class and gives her a hug before he heads to class every morning.  My heart melted. 

Kung fu fighting

Full speed ahead!

A rare moment when this boy was still :)

Puzzle fun

Claire in her Thanksgiving play--the highlight was that Squanto had projectile vomiting in the middle of it so the whole thing had to be moved to another classroom while Claire's classroom was cleaned up.  I talked to the custodian--he said it was the third throw-up he cleaned up that morning!!
 Pilgrim Ella and Native Claire together
                                  New bookshelves turn our front room into a reading nook;)

The text we sent our family who was not at the soccer game where we enjoyed pink doughnuts celebrating that baby #4 is a GIRL.  Most of them couldn't figure out what it means...the kids are supposed to be shaped like a "G." We weren't planning to find out but when the tech turned the monitor towards me, I couldn't resist;)

Pilgrim Ella and Native Claire together

A Trip to enjoy our passes at the zoo

Crazy outtake from our Christmas card photo shoot--taken outside the Moreno Valley Community Center where we helped serve Thanksgiving dinner with John and Annette.  It was a really great way to spend Thanksgiving.  After we all met up with my parents to see Frozen!  We loved it (besides William removing his shirt and running around the theater towards the end) and it was great to spend the time together. 
The day after Thanksgiving we continued our thanks with the Carter boys (and families) coming to town.  We ate another feast at our house that night. 
Annual photos with Great Grandparents!

These fine gentlemen all showed up in plaid so we had to take a pic--Carter and Claire went and changed because they wanted to be part of the "crew"

Getting ready to eat! 

I love November almost more than December.  It is full of thanks and anticipation and any reason to see family is always a blessing!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Meeting cousin Elyse (Jake & Amy's beautiful daughter)

Building towers with the ingredients from our 72 hour kits (we empty them twice a year and rotate the food)

A warm Sunday afternoon stroll to Lake Perris with sweet cousins

You can tell from the pink cheeks it was really warm!

The view from where the boys climbed to

Cowboy boots and shorts are this boy's favorite outfit!

Miss Claire as goalie!

Carter the goalie

Cute boys at Knott's Berry Farm

Johnny's Birthday dinner at Riley's Farm in Oak Glen.  It was dinner and a play "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow."  We got to go on a themed hayride and play various games.  It was a LOT of fun and William still talks about the Headless Horseman.

Ella, Carter and Claire with cast from the show

First grade dance show (they learned various dances for PE for a month and then demonstrated them for parents)--Claire is dead center in light blue

Snuggling with brother after the show

Date night to go bowling after Claire filled her "Awesome Jar."  She got a marble every time she did something awesome:).  She picked bowling and ice cream with mom.  

Receiving a HOWL award for Academic Excellence and refusing to smile

Silly face

Another silly face!

Minecraft pizza party--Danny & Claire had a daddy/daughter activity at church so Carter (and I) hosted a Minecraft party.  His friends came over and we made pizza and then they played a whole lot of Minecraft.  They all had their own devices so they could join the same "server" and play together.  It was really cute to hear them strategize and plan together.  It was a fun night and we plan on doing it again soon!

William excited about his pizza

Boys eating dinner

The gift baskets we prepared for Danny's coworkers at Fontana USD.  After almost 10 years at the district, it was bittersweet for Danny to leave.  He has wonderful friends and colleagues there.  I used Pinterest to get some ideas and we created this: Owl miss you going the EXTRA mile:
…the NOTES you write!
…keeping me JUICED up w/pedagogical PEDs!
…sharing GERMS during cold season.
…bandaging INJURIES.
…enjoying fine CHOCOLATES  together.
…sharing Sarah’s healthy COOKIES.
…working through many SEASONS together.
…and all the things I MINT to get done!J
In the end, I just want to say thanks a LATTE for all you’ve done for me!

I was really please with how cute they turned out:)

Crazy hair day for Red Ribbon Week

Preschool Halloween snack--Banana ghosts and pumpkin clementines

Claire the cheetah in the Halloween parade

Minecraft TNT Carter

William refused to wear his Halloween costume he insisted I buy on ebay (a horse) so we have no good Halloween pics of all of them but we did have a fun night with chili at our house and trick or treating in our neighborhood with cousins and friends!