Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to school

School started on Monday! Claire was happy and said she has "the nicest teacher in the world." Carter was placed in a 1/2 combo (he being in 2nd) and has been less than thrilled. The first morning he started with, "after experiencing this summer with you, I just don't want to leave and go to school." Yesterday he feigned illness and this morning was better but still didn't want to go to school. We are concerned and are hoping for some inspiration at back to school night tonight.

We were lucky to have Danny home the first day so we walked while the kids scooted to school and then took a nice long walk with Will.

A side note about Claire's new haircut...we took her to JcPenney for the free kids cut and didn't have the best experience. Thankfully, Shannon saved the day and fixed it before school started. She's ok with the length except a boy told her today she looked like a boy. :(

Thursday, August 23, 2012

End of summer concoction

School starts Monday and although we've really tried to keep summer screen time under two hours a day, the kids were getting and asking for "Too Much TV." I followed Mama Bear (of the Berenstein Bears)'s lead and we've gone screen free for the week. They've been counting down to when they get it back and I may have heard the word "bored" too much today but it's worth it.

This afternoon we made "face and body paint" from our concoction book. Carter made himself a zombie and Claire changed her face many times. It was lots of fun and does come off with soap and water but is awfully greasy;)

Here's the recipe in case you'd like to try:
1tbsp cornstarch
2 tbsp vegetable shortening
4-6 drops food coloring

Mix together cornstarch and shortening until smooth then add food coloring and mix well. Have fun!