Monday, February 4, 2013


I read an idea in Family Fun or Parents magazine to do a monthly photo of your big kids (just like so many do with their infants) as a way to capture who they are and what they are doing.  I decided that is the kind of blogging I might keep up with:).  

Carter had a particularly eventful month.  He was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  It was a very special day for all of us.  We had a lot of family to support him and he was baptized with two other cute girls from our ward.  After the baptism, our family came over to our house.  We made a time lapse video of Carter.  It really has been a blink of an eye from baby to eight year old.  I wish time would just slow down!  We asked our parents to share their testimonies with Carter and it was a wonderful occasion.  He has really taken his covenants seriously and it is sweet to watch him grown and learn.

Fortunately a friend took these photos for us because I never took the camera out of the bag. 

Carter and I read the book The Boy Who Dared this month.  I grabbed it randomly at the library and found that it is about an LDS boy who lived in Nazi Germany and stood courageously against the Nazis.  It is such a good book!  I cried and cried as I read parts aloud. 

Carter also started Boy Scouts and is enjoying it greatly!  

Miss Claire, or "Lair Bear" as William likes to call her, has gone from girl who would not be in photos to this:

I'm not sure how this has happened!  She is as full of spunk as ever.  She suddenly likes her hair done (most days), wants to wear makeup all the time and has asked when she's getting her own phone!?! She is sounding letters out quite well and catching on to reading.  Math seems to come even easier for her.  She is a fantastic sister and loves to have little children to boss around unless they start messing with the computer when she's trying to watch a show. 

Prince William (affectionately named by some ICU nurses) was asked to be the ring bearer in one of his favorite nurses' wedding!  I did warn her that I'm not sure he will walk down the aisle; she said it will just add to the fun.  The wedding will be in May and we are looking forward to it.  William can ride his Strider (balance bike) like a crazy man (I have to run to keep up),  likes to watch Youtube videos of Lightning McQueen and either has us laughing or pulling our hair out:)
Pey Pey and Will on Mt. Rubidoux celebrating MLK day