Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kindergarten Wrap Up

Summer is in full swing already around here but it was just earlier this month that Carter "promoted" from kindergarten. We switched his school when we moved and have been so happy with his new school! At the promotion ceremony, the kids sang the school song and I have to admit getting teary eyed--schools were a big factor in our decision to move and I feel so blessed.

At the honor roll assembly before getting his award (just have to mention that I was at work that night so Danny had to rush home from work, pick up kids and get them there all on time--he's a stud)

Carter was on the Principal's Honor Roll--he loves to learn!

At promotion

The note regarding promotion said to have the kids dress nicely, so we had him dress that way. He was mortified when he saw other kids not dressed up. He calmed down when he saw all the girls were in dresses and one of the boys was in a lava-lava.:)

Love those freckles!

Receiving his diploma (ha ha)

We are so glad Nana was able to join us that morning

And this picture is just so sweet

Danny took Claire and tired William home before the end of the ceremony and then Carter and I just walked home so we didn't get a family photo

With his great teacher--I should add that we really loved his teacher at his previous school. Carter always says how great she is and how she taught him to read!