Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Here is our card and update since we have been neglecting our blog.  We hope that your Christmas is filled with light and joy!

William is almost three and, despite his harrowing conflict which has forever changed all of us, is thriving! Will vacillates between acting like a snuggly little toddler and a feral animal. He shows early signs of extreme athleticism and for several months refused to do anything, including sleep or attend church, without a ball of some kind in his hand (often a golf ball which, of course, makes
a handy weapon). Little Will seems to have a very high pain threshold and occasionally forgets that a hug and a hand strike are two very different methods of self expression. Fortunately he is growing tamer by the day and his vocabulary has exploded as of late. It is both sweet and hilarious to hear his thoughts expressed verbally. We are happy to report that his kidneys are currently functioning
well enough that he is off all medication and will be for the foreseeable future. We continue to feel profoundly grateful for the love and support we received during the arduous two months of his hospitalization.

Claire turned five in August and is a studious kindergartner. In addition to her academic studies, she can be found “making art” (sometimes we think she is a performance artist specializing in the art of mess making, but who are we to judge an artist’s inclinations?). “Claire Bear” also enjoys her Dance Exploration class which she attends weekly at a local studio, riding her scooter and bicycle along with her brothers, listening to and reading literature, using the various computers and gadgets in the house and playing the part of “Little Mommy.” Claire brings a wonderful spirit into our home and is a great example to all of us.

Carter turns eight this month! It’s hard to reconcile the fact that our first born son is growing up so quickly. Carter is a budding renaissance man. He is as comfortable playing the piano and reading books as he is rough housing on the trampoline and riding his bike down trails steep enough to deter most adult bikers (especially his mother). In addition to these activities, Carter enjoys origami, drawing, computer games, science experiments and Nerf gun battles. One of the highlights of this year was when Carter’s teacher informed us that in addition to his exceptional performance in school he treats his peers with respect and dignity which, of course, is more important than any academic achievement.

Sarah, like many mothers, is the wearer of many hats. A typical day finds her cooking, cleaning, teaching, taxiing, nurturing, helping her friends and, of course, squeezing and loving her kiddos. In addition to her full-time job at home, she also works one or two days a week in the same-day surgery unit at the Kaiser-Fontana Hospital. Sarah still loves to run, especially with her friends and finds
solace reading, serving and spending time with Danny and her extended family. She serves in the Young Women organization at church and her favorite household chore is vacuuming.

Daniel continues to dedicate his professional efforts toward improving the lives of young people as a district-level educational administrator which provides unique challenges and opportunities including the chance to attend and present at educational conferences. He is passionate about educational reform and innovation. When Danny isn’t at work he can usually be found trying to keep up with Sarah, playing with and helping his kids, serving in his busy calling, riding his mountain bike, gardening, and seeking truth and enjoyment through literature and other forms of art.

That concludes our update! We hope to receive one from you in one form or another as you find the time.
Merry Christmas from our family to yours and may you find peace and happiness now and forever.
Daniel, Sarah, Carter, Claire and William