Monday, March 18, 2013

February 2013

Carter & the rest of the Lollipop Guild from his class play of The Wizard of Oz--they spent a lot of time practicing and they all did a great job!

We headed to Idyllwild for a snow day and were so glad Nana could join us.  William and Claire lasted 30 minutes this year before crying they were year we need to have better gear for them:)  It was beautiful and we were home in time for naps (my idea of perfection:)).

Carter reading the Claire and Peyton one evening at the Todds

Claire and her hot cocoa after the snow

William loves the carousel at the grocery store by our house (as you can tell)

We went on a tour of the March Field Museum over the long President's Day weekend.  William loved this little plane.  Our docent was an adorable Scottish WWII vet in his 80s.  He saw a future for Will in flight.  I'm all for it (I want to travel for free;)). 

Cutie on the Carosuel

Carter had to write an autobiography so we made a digital storybook and went through lots of old photos in the process.  This is him at almost seven months.  We called him "Snaggle Toof boy."  It was fun to have him write about his sweet little life of eight years and his teacher LOVED his report!