Friday, October 25, 2013

My summer highlights

When I thought of making a top ten for my own list, I realized there were just too many great things that happened this summer.  Instead we get a photo explosion:)!
We started the summer with an end of school year party!  We had the kids favorite dinner--spaghetti on china, with a side of grilled squash and a more natural jell-o I found as a treat.  Those sodas are made with Stevia (also a special treat).  

We started a tradition to make summer shirts.  This year we decided to try tie-dye.  We had fun doing it...although we did it in our backyard (barefoot) on the grass and all had blades of tie dye on our feet for a few days.

Our family celebrating Summer Solstice watching the sunset in La Jolla
We went to Smashburger when in San Diego for Danny's work conference.  This pictures sums us up.  DT--medium rare beef, SCT--black bean :)       

My cute honey
Claire took a dance exploration class for a year and the recital in June was ADORABLE.  She did a good job remembering her part.  Sweet story...she took the class with Ella, a friend from our ward.  Ella's mom, Kim, told the girls to say a little prayer if they got scared on stage.  Claire said after she started to forget her part but said a prayer and remembered what to do:) 

The whole class

We started our vacation to Bear Lake with a stop to my Aunt and Uncles in Mapleton, UT.  I lived with Scott & LouJean Carter my first BYU and their kids and grandkids would come for dinner every Sunday.  Here are the 2nd cousins now--grown and beautiful!  In the center in orange is Carter Gray.  My cousin Shanna is the only girl in her family as well and when they had a boy a few months before they had Carter, they named him Carter:).  These cute 2nd cousins have only met each other twice--we need to improve that.  It was wonderful catching up with my cousins!  I'm glad Aunt Jenny & Uncle Jeff came to join us as well with their grandkids in the picture above.   

We celebrated my 32nd birthday while on our trip.  The first stop of the day (after a gorgeous run in Mapleton) was breakfast with cousin Tawnya and cute daughters Morgan (standing) and Natalie (in arms).  I LOVE my family!  I loved catching up and love that we can just pick up where we left off.  Thanks so much for driving to Provo to meet us, T!

This painting is called Flora.  That is my paternal grandmother's name :)--at the BYU Art Museum

Arrived in Bear Lake--Jake & Amy's flight was delayed but we still celebrated my birthday with raspberry shakes and Eric's pyrotechnic show

The crash site from a group of Vets coming home from WWII...they crashed on the mountain and all died.  So sad!

Danny took the kids a couple of afternoons to fish in a nearby stocked pond

I love this picture because of how happy my dad is.  We celebrated his birthday at a funny little place with live Kareoke.  It was the first time we were all together for his birthday in a LOONG time. 

Amy and I chatting and enjoying our goregous view!!

William being a stinker and not trying to escape bedtime and snuggling with Aunt Amy & Uncle Jake.

This pictures makes me laugh because 1) my mouth is full and Danny loves to snap photos of me extremely awkward 2)it reminds me of the conversation we were having with my brothers harassing me about my healthy food I made and brought.  Jake thought my whole-wheat pop tarts tasted like cardboard but Amy thoroughly enjoyed them.  I guess Jake's palates just isn't as refined;)

Getting ready to go spulunkin'!

Carter Clan at the bottom of the cave.  You can see Jake has Will...everyone was so helpful as there are a LOT of stairs down and back.  PS-Claire refused to particpate in picture taking.

Our last dinner together.  I made everyone do their best and hardest from the trip.  I don't remember them all but Rob said "Bill" was his hardest part.  Good thing we had 5,000 sq feet so he could get away from the whining and screaming that is William.

After we departed from Bear Lake we made a stop in Idaho...
My country girl--enjoying the quad at Zan & Tammy's

Zan leading the kids on a horse ride.  Isn't Cub River, ID gorgeous?

Cute kiddos

Danny with lots of kids.  I spent a few weeks every summer from age 13 until college at the Bowles house.  It is wonderful to see my cousin's kids and stay connected.  I love them all so much!

We made a stop in Roy to see the Krause Family and enjoy a little Burger Bar before beginning home.

At the California-Nevada border so the kids could be in two states at once

We got home from our trip to Utah and got to start the 4th of July fireworks with a show and fun in Jurupa on the 3rd.  The park and rec department played games with the kids. 

Ready to find a shoe
JT, DT, PA and WT :)

Fireworks are always a favorite part of summer!

Me and My love on the 3rd of July...we were married the 6th so I always feel lots of love in the air :)
Claire at her Let's Play Music recital.  It is an amazing program that teaches music theory, composition, and understanding all through play.  I would highly recommend it for those who have beginning students between 4-7 years old. 

After the recital

A beautiful evening at a Concert in the Park at the Citrus Heritage Park

Mormon night at the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes stadium
Fireworks at the Quakes game made this mama super happy!
Our 2nd Annual Meal of Love at the LA Ronald McDonald House.  I got a few of my young women to come and help out this time.  More details on William's blog.  Thanks, Heidi!!

Our boy who it's hard to imagine was so sick two summers ago!

Yosemite!!  Biking back from pizza dinner on our first night there and we spotted a deer!

At a Children's Program...William is thrilled and see that strange guy photobombing...wait that's WES! :)

The GRAND Team Todd--minus the Brobergs who didn't come with us this year.  We had SO much fun!  Yosemite is one of the closest places to Heaven on earth for me.

Another dear and a really annoyed person trying to take a picture who couldn't believe how many of us there were on bikes.  Claire was the biggest whiner when biking so we would say "Unicorn Power" to motivate her.

"All because two people fell in love"--super cheesy quote but true!  Johnny, Annette and little Jovie

Us dying of laughter becuase of stinky toots and an obnoxious camera person blinding us (Daniel) while stargazing together. 

This little boy rode his bike ALL over the Valley.  He loved the independence and people love his shark helmet!

Peyton and Will--these two are only 4 months apart and now they get along so well.  It is so fun when we are together!

William and the snake he found in Lower Yosemite Falls (not much falls there though)

On our way back from exploring Happy Isles

Stopped for one last look before heading home

I stole away with this little man who earned, well before school got out, a date to Color-Me-Mine with me.  Good thing I had coupons--it's expensive.  But, I've always wanted to go and never have and I even made a cute bowl.  I love being creative!

How cute is he??

At San Onofre with the Barneys

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Listening to the Audio tour

All these cute kids...when Carter and Avery were 3 we did a preschool swap (Sam too but he's not in the picutre).  It is always fun to get them and the rest of our growing families together.  We stayed at the military housing in San Onofre (thanks to Amber's twin, Amy) and although it ended up being a trailer with 10 kids in it, it was a memorable experience!

Me and my two favorite red-heads (Sheri & Amber)

Ben, Will and Claire

From my morning run on the beach...Amber and I took turns staying back with kids

Danny and Claire...we are in SLO for Amy's baby shower and took just Claire with us.  The boys stayed with John & Annette and had a great time!

My silly coworkers--I worked enough this summer to help pay for all of our extra fun.  They were laughing about me being white so I took a picture because I forget how ethnically diverse So Cal is and then I realized, I am the only Caucasian person here!  I love working in Same Day Admitting, getting patients ready for surgery and taking care of them if they have to stay a little while after before they go home.  I work with a great team!

Took the kids roller skating for the first time.  William struggled a bit but we had a lot of fun!

We rented a  little helper but it didn't help much :)

We only squeezed in one beach trip with ward friends but had a blast when we went!

I was watching my friend Aleena's kids while she was with the YW on a trip and splurged and let the kids get ice cream from the ice cream man...they're only young once! :)

Our annual birthday beach trip for mine and my dad's birthday didn't happen until mid August this year but was gorgeous and relaxing!

Celebrating birthday number 35--out to dinner and to the Paegant of the Masters with the Todd Seniors

Big Bear Lake for our last hoorah...see the sunset in Danny's glasses? 

And last, but certainly not least, finding out we are expecting baby number 4.  We went to the doctor at the end of August and told our kids when we were in Big Bear.  We do a talent show around the campfire and I always do cheers (don't laugh, my talents are limited). I cheered "B-A-B-Y" and pointed to my tummy.  It took them a minute but they got it.  Carter's first question was whether he will have to share a room now.  
We held our Back-To-School Feast and invited our parents so we could share our news.  We had ribs (not baby back but we called them that), baby potatoes, baby carrots and baby spianch salad.  I made rolls in the shape of a 4.  We sat down and the kids told them the menu.  Our mom's started squealing and were so excited.  My dad looked odd but I didn't to ask him right then.  About 10 minutes later he said, wait, you guys are having a baby?.  He said he was confused when he saw the moms so happy and couldn't figure out why.  Too funny!!  We are so excited and know next summer is going to be a lot more low key but can't wait to meet "Cookie Dough" (Will's name for our next child that we've all started using) sometime around 4-4-14!!