Monday, November 30, 2009

Teddy Bear Tea

Attending the Festival of Trees in downtown Riverside has been a long standing tradition in my family. Most years during Thanksgiving weekend we would walk around and see all the trees with anticipation for the approaching Christmas time. It has been even more exciting the last two years as our kids are old enough to enjoy all the children's activities and my mom has helped her friend Kathy decorate a tree. On the day after Thanksgiving a Teddy Bear Tea is held and this year my mom and I got tickets to take the kids (all of the event proceeds goes to the Riverside County Medical Center). When Carter got a better offer (The Polar Express with cousin Ryan) we got Claire's friend Lucy to come with us instead. There was a lunch and entertainment. The entertainment was better for older kids but the girls still enjoyed it. Claire and Lucy were very sweet and it was fun to have some girl time for Claire!

The girls with their Teddies at the entrance

In front of our friend Robyn's tree

The tree my mom helped with "Visions of Sugarplums danced in their heads"

Claire's eyes are closed but Lucy's face is priceless
The face we get when we say, "say cheese" A good time was had by all!