Friday, July 27, 2007

I need a weekend!

I've only been back to work for two days after a month and a half off and I feel like I really need this weekend! Now before you judge me as completely pathetic, I did just finish up my second full term at University of Redlands, so I have been working on school related stuff. Also, the first few days back as a teacher are a bit more taxing for me than for many others in that I am in charge of helping all of the teachers with technology, and since we just switched over to a web based attendance system, that's been a full-time job in and of itself!

I still can't find that camera cable, so I can't get the photos from Atlanta off my camera, but I did just order a new one, so any day now.

I hope you're all well. Here are some random things I found on the web this evening that I thought we're worth sharing. Enyoy!

Check out the blue hole here. I want to dive this!

Does THIS come as any surprise?
If you want something "bottled at the source," make sure the source isn't the tap. I am not a greenie, but I do think water bottles are a ridiculous waste...although I am known to have one with me most of the time. At least I am cheap enough to refill my bigger water bottles a few times before trashing them.

Friday, July 20, 2007

See if you can figure it out...

...I didn't until the end:

The N64 Kid

More videos...what can I say, I am not feeling very original lately, and my homework has my brain on standby mode when I'm not anxiously engaged in writing a paper. So for today: Home video of a boy getting a Nintendo 64 years ago made its way around the net and eventually became so popular it was used in a TV ad for BMW. Now there's another one floating around. The key, you see, is to use slow mo to show off how freakishly ecstatic the kids are. So here's the original N64 kid and then I'll embed the new one:

Original (watch the double fist pump, it's beautifully executed):

This kid has got the facial animations going on:

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Funny video edition

No, I have not updated this thing very much lately and I'm sorry, not that most of you were checking in often, hoping from some incredible post that would change your life. What I feel bad about is the fact that I still don't have the cable to connect my camera to the computer and thus all of the cool photos I took on my trip are still locked up on the memory card. Anyone else have a Fuji camera?

Anyway, here are some very funny and/or interesting videos. I'll try to link them directly onto the blog so it won't necessitate navigating away from this page. I hope everyone is enjoying a great summer. My break is rapidly coming to a close and I'll be back to work next week. Until next time...


Comedy gold if you're an internet geek. Beware, satire ahead:

Patton Oswalt is one of my fav comedians. He's also the voice of the rat in Ratitouille or however you spell that:

Don't answer your cell at a live concert...or get p0wned!

Monday, July 9, 2007

What the? Watch this video...

If you can make ANY sense of this, please let me know. And yes, this really is THE David Hasselhoff:

Also, check this one out just for fun: