Monday, June 3, 2013

Healing and Relaxation in Sedona (March, 2013)

I love Sarah Christina Todd more than any other living soul on the Earth. She is my wife, my lover, my best friend and my confidant. Perhaps the thing that I love about her more than anything else is the fact that she loves unconditionally me despite the fact that we are so different.

When Sari (as I affectionately refer to her sometimes) tells me that she really wants me to blog, whatever that means, I take it seriously. Nevertheless, this is a long time coming. So, Sarah, here's that Sedona blog post you've been asking me to do for so long.
Chapter 1:
 I believe that we have a soul and that it can and must be healed as we journey toward eternity-whatever that is-and  I think the best way to heal one's soul is to embark on an adventure in nature and that is best done with someone you love and trust. It's even better if that person is your soul mate. I am not even sure what a "Soul Mate" is, but I believe Sarah is mine.
Sarah chose Sedona Arizona as our destination for a "healing journey." I had heard of Sedona, mostly because of a Korean car company, but Sarah, in her infinite wisdom, knew more than me and chose it as our destination. So, thanks to our parents, we departed from Riverside to find this small but miraculous city.
We arrived in Sedona and tucked into the "cut." We had good lodgings although it was nothing terribly swanky. Cable TV, a fully tiled shower, queen sized bed, kitchen w/ a refrigerator, couch, etc. We could hear our neighbors more than we'd have preferred, but I think we made more noise than they did. Touche.
We settled in and entered town on that first evening in search for food and a taste of the New Age vibe that characterizes this little Western city and were not disappointed. We ate great food the first night at a first-rate gorcer that specilaizes in whole foods. After filling our stomaches we walked around and took in art at one of the many galleries in town. Although I wouldn't consider either of us "New Age" we appreciated the culture and felt the spirit of the town.
Sedona is known fot its New Age community. This large piece at the entrance of the city set the tone for our visit.
Day 1:
As usual, Sarah awoke before me and, after reading and relaxing, woke me up with a healthy breakfast and her soothing voice. Once I was up we embarked on our first adventure. We decided to hike Cathedral Rock. It did not dissapoint.

Sarah is quite the athlete and she had no problem making the summit. Unlike me, she looked quite good doing it.

We meditated for a while at the top. It was very peaceful.

 On the way up.
At the summit of Catherdral Rock out on the ledge. I am afraid of heights so we were quite careful.

 Sarah and I met another couple (they hailed from Michigan) who were very similar to us as we hiked Cathedral Rock. The young woman, like Sarah, is a nurse. We, along with this couple, ended up helping two different groups who needed assistance as we descended from the summit. One group was a family with a daughter who had passed out due to lack of preparation (Sarah had plenty of healthy snacks to share to help the young woman raise her blood surgar) and the other was an elderly couple who, unfortunately, seemed doomed.

I am having trouble organizing the photos, so here is a random series of photos. I'll do my best to caption them in a meaningful way:
  Colorful plateware downtown.

Sarah on the way to "Devil's Bridge"

Devi's Brige is an easy hike with a bif payoff.

 Yes, we are hopelessly romantic.

On the way back to the car from Devil's Bridge we experiences the most spectacular clouds.

Some people think Sarah is "cray cray" about eating healthy. "Oh my gosh, Sarah is crazy...did you taste those so called 'cookies' she made? Gross!"
Haaaa! To set the record straight, we both love food but have experienced the suffering that food can inflict when it is consumed without limits and care. So, on this trip we set the goal to eat food in a healthy manner but, of course, in a way that was also very pleasing. So, behold the fantastic food we consumed that was also "healthy" in terms of type and quantity:
Sandwich at a local shop that was both delicious and very healthy.

 Our dinner at the Mexican fusion restaruant "Elote" was both unforgettable delicious.
Elote. Lamb. Yessss....
Carb time.

Set and setting.

Sedona attracts some big money.
Thanks to my parent's Christmas generosity we had a few extra bucks and ended up taking an unfortgettable jeep tour with our friend "Sid Viscious" (below). He took us on a very bumpy off-road jeep tour and showed us the local sink hole and foliage:

The "Grand Piano" rock in the depths of the great Sedona Sink Hole.


 You can probably see the "Grand Piano" of rock in the background here. Thank you 19th century earthquake for such a geological spectacle.
Hold on tight!

We also took a much calmer trolley ride around town thanks to "Seonda Trolley City & Senic Tours." This short ride included a trip up to the Catholic "Church of the Holy Cross" which is built into the side of a mountain.
We really appreciate all our brothers and sisters, regardless of their faith, or lack thereof, because we believe that we are all One despite our different perspectives on reality.

 Sarah snapped this one from the Church of the Holy Cross. In the background you can just see...
 The "Modonna and Child" (click to see a larger resolution image)
 My favorite drunkard.

 Reading material in the condo.
Sarah and I hiked the "Airport Loop Trail" near the Sedona airport. It was quite the walk but we enjoyed the scenery and one another's company.

I personally believe that life is ineffable. Sure, art gets us close, but I dare you to put it into words. Our time together in Sedona is added to the canon of speakable experience This photo, as we say, is worth far more than any words I or any other can utter.

Thank you for Being Here Now my dear Sarah.

On the way home we took a major detour to see one of the greatest natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon.

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."
T.S. Eliot