Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Month of Love

February came and went quickly, even with the extra day this year, and we enjoyed lots of love all month long.

William is in love with Claire's babies (actually he loves all babies and it still calls himself baby when he sees himself in the mirror!)

I love this picture of Carter. I guess I put away Claire's jeans in his drawer. I am pretty sure he knew they were hers but wanted to give us a good laugh.

I realized both of those photos are from me in the same spot in the kitchen. It makes sense because I spend a majority of my day there, especially in the mornings making breakfast, lunches and then cleaning it all up.:)

I love that Claire thinks it's warm enough for sprinklers if it is more than 70 degrees.

Claire loves the "jumping place" and we had a free day we could finally go. They have a pop-in play twice a week and the kids love it!
Claire getting ready to jump

Happy girl after the jump

Silly Willy having fun

In the swing

We love having cousins close by; Cousin Ella come spend the night (well, we tried but we really just had a pajama party and then Ella went home). It was great fun. Those crazy cousins insisted on swimming even though I told them it was FREEZING (we don't have a heater on the pool). Ella went across once but wouldn't get back in for me to video it. Here is Claire the fish. They didn't last long!

We love family home evening on Monday nights! We had a family night where we all write what we love on hearts and plaster them all over the kitchen. I got the idea from (a blog I would highly recommend following). It is our third year doing it and I love to walk in the kitchen and feel the love all month long! Claire was actually able to draw pictures and verbalize what she loved about the rest of us this year and Carter wrote a cute poem. :)

My little lovebugs on Vday morning:

We love the library and we took advantage of a Valentine craft there the week before Valentines. William was fascinated by/scared to death of Buzz the Bee and still says "buzz" every time we walk in the library!

We met our friends there too. Kim is great and Will was a little more comfortable with Buzz at this point.

We love days off school! Carter got the Friday before President's Day off and we took advantage of it and took the kids to the Chino Youth Museum. We met my friend from work and her too kiddos. Some of the stuff was a little too juvenile for Carter but as you can tell from the photos, he didn't have the worst time;).

I loved that all the rooms and displays were made just for little people!

Playing in the tractor with Joe & Jenna.

The kids pretended to be newscasters in this video I caught:

They had so much fun coming down the fire pole!

We love having grandparents nearby! My grandpa stopped by one morning Claire was at preschool and sweetly read William a book.

We love to celebrate holidays; for Leap Day I went in to Carter's class and we made origami frogs (since frogs leap:)) and I brought in snacks that looked like frogs (english muffins with green cream cheese, chocolate chip eyes and a strip of fruit roll-up for a tongue). I love helping in his class when I can. Since the food coloring was out we ended up with green milk as well which was a great prelude to March and St. Patty's and a fun way to end the month of love!