Monday, March 28, 2011

Quick Update

We've moved! We still have our little house on Blaine which is now being leased to some friends of our neighbors who live next door (right next to the church there) and have moved into a home about 15 min. away in Riverside in an area called Orangecrest . It's right next to the elementary and middle schools and a five minute walk away from a large park and library branch. The home was built in 1991 and is good shape but needs new paint in many areas. We painted the family room and are going to tackle the downstairs guest room/office. Painting always seems like it's going to be easier than it ends up being...or is that just us? We're also taking our time unboxing everything so we can organize it properly. It's very nice to have more storage space!

Carter loves his new school (Tomas Rivera), Claire is still going to FUMPS pre-school on Brockton which is helping with the transition and Will, well, Will's learning and growing at an amazing rate. Right now he loves to say "Uh oh!" and "Hi!" to everyone in earshot, especially strangers at the store. He garnishes a lot of attention with his bright blond hair, porcelain skin and blue eyes.

I am excited to get back to work since there's so much to do, especially since my colleague Nazle is now off on maternity leave which leaves me with ALL the secondary schools's ELA departments.

Sarah is Sarah, aka super mom. She doesn't set out to be super mom, she just embodies the role naturally. Up and exercising before I crawl out of bed, working per diem at Kaiser hospital in South Fontana and spending every other minute nurturing the kids and running the household, a full-time job that I got to help out with a lot more this week and, as usual, taught me a whole new level of respect for what parents do who stay at home. Yes, Carter is a sharp little reader and we owe a lot of that to Mrs. Camarillo at Hyatt, but Sarah has been so dedicated to reading and homework time and it's already paying off.

We already miss being so close to all of our friends and neighbors in the university heights area and miss Hyatt (Mrs. Camarillo) but we know we'll adjust to this area soon and feel blessed to have some more room. Now if my commute just hadn't grown by 15 minutes! :)